Is this possible? Radio is a tranceiver..

I always liked my pac crest radio, in that it wad a switch on it for low power, and high power. And, it was fast, and easy.
To change pwr on Javad, you have to shut the base down, (download raw data) and restart the base with a new point number.
Since the radio is a transceiver, it is always listening. So, is it possible, to send a packet, FROM rover to base, to change output wattage, channels, or other settings?
Without shutting down the base?
It seems "do-able" to me. Is this a possibility? Being able to do this would be quite convenient. Especially when 90% of the day is 4 watts, and 10% needs high pwr.
Or, another person fires up on the same channel.
Is this possible? Practical? Or is it alot of work?
Curious minds...
Nate: I would love if we could easily connect to and adjust all of the radio setting with JAVAD mobile tools on the phone.
Seems like a great backup controller for that, and not everyone has an LS available to work with the radios.