J-Tip treasures


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I like Single sensor xyz for most rough searches. Then I switch to Differential and z for pin pointing where it's noisy. I would have not found it with my pistol grip schonstedt.
I found a 1/2" rebar (1ft in the ground), that was about 3" from a water valve (cast metal casing). The schenstedt wouldn't pick it up.
I still keep my schenstedt in the truck in case the battery goes down on my J Tip.
It's just easier for me to use the schenstedt if the battery goes down. I'm always using the LS. I guess I could get another charge cable like Nate suggested and get a longer extention cable (have a cable running from the LS to tge end of the rod), but it's pretty easy to just go grab the schenstedt and charge the J Tip later. It's my fault and not the JTips. I'm the one that forgot to charge it.