Javad & Company, health report

Adam Plumley

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Javad GNSS is growing and making changes that will set all of us up for a better future. Growing pains should be expected when a person or a company is pushing forward with all they have, to overcome the circumstances dealt.

Simple things like a server change can turn into terribly difficult undertakings, quickly. This is the case with DPOS. It is not going away. There is a team that has been and will continue to work on this until it is back up and stable again.

Mark Wheeler

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Nate, June 16th observation was most probably the case. The LS was constantly being improved. You must have notice approximately 0 updates or improvements in the last 36 months. I do not believe Javad's replacement has any intention of feeding the LS.

Greg Flowe

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I miss the days of constant progression in real time at JAVAD on the forum. It felt like we were apart of the development of the software with all the questions and suggestions as the engineers were developing as we went along. I believe that is how we got to where we are today with a stable platform and I am greatful for a product that works well without fault. I just look forward to or wish for those days again as JAVAD continues to move forward into the future. Please stay on the cutting edge and push the boundaries of technology because that is why I jumped from the other manufacturers to JAVAD. Don't become the other guys.