JAVAD Equipment For Sale

Patrick Garner

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JAVAD Equipment

For Sale. All items lightly used & fully functional.

Triumph-LS, serial #396

Triumph-2, serial #957 (updated w/ the new corner bumpers)

Radio, HPT901BT

Javad J-Tip, like new

Monopod, Benro (lightly magic-markered at 1.53 meters)

SLIK soft carrying bag for the monopod

Javad black soft case for the LS and T-2

All original boxes (LS, T-2, Radio, Monopod)

All chargers, as new

Backup field battery, unused

Javad field guides/manuals (2)

Javad shoulder strap and all misc. accessories (antennas, cables, brackets)

Total package with less than 40 hours on it (& in the case of the J-Tip, an hour)

Cost new: $21,030
Asking: $13,250 (includes insured shipping within CONUS); prefer payment by PayPal.

Contact me directly at

Patrick Garner

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Also, the LS comes with the following OAFs:
Faster recording 10 Hz
  • Faster RTK/DGPS 10 Hz
  • AC Power adapter
  • Camera offset survey
  • J-Tip, and
  • Internal modem UHF 406-470 MHz ...