Javad's Drone Program

Just from my experience with DJI, I wouldn't be too hasty to drop the program because of price. DJI has a reputation of "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!" I had my drone repaired shortly after I purchased it. The the microSD reader malfunctioned an bricked the drone. I sent it in for the repair under warranty. It took 6 months to get it back. Evidently they send it back to China. They are also known for updating the firmware that has been untested, and many customers lose control of the drone and watch it fly off into the sunset, never to be seen again. All you have to do is visit their support website and you will see many unhappy customers.

Nate The Surveyor

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Well, I understand... But what work has already been done?
Maybe it could be sold to dji?
I'd buy a Javad with dji stickers on it. Like a Topcon, yellow box, and name, but the guts were Javad.
I hope to see the innovation continue.

Jim Campi

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It has been decided to abandon the Triumph-F1 program as it will not be possible to compete with the price point and drone technology in DJI's new Phantom 4 RTK.
Well, that's too bad. I was looking forward to the F1.

I did look quickly at the Phantom 4. I didn't see the cost with RTK. The drones with controller's are about $2k. Seems very low.


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It looks like the P4 RTK is about $5k, $10k with the matching base. I bet the DJI receivers are not comparable to Javad Triumph technology and since it seemed the F1 was basically a 1M in it's own, seems like it would still be a better product...among other things.

So if I could have a Javad bird and it able to still be an awesome standard survey receiver...I would rather.

But then again the market would have to justify it and Javad's decision is probably a sensible business choice if it is not a product that can justify manufacturing costs.

DJI has grabbed market momentum no doubt. They have a clear "FLASH" indoctination soap box.

We need to expand the product following. Indoctination is something I wish Javad could aid us in like maybe tools and web like stuff to add into all of the websites of current Javad users/companies to pump the SEO up. I am willing to blast official Javad product preaching all over my website but I'm a surveyor.

It's a potential resource....