JMT Connection issues

I have been using the IOS version of JMT since I first received my T-2 6 years ago. I have had connection issues that have all been ironed out during that period.

I have just purchased a new iPhone 11 and JMT will not connect via WiFi. I have reviewed all of the default settings and I have cleared NV ram with NetView and Modem.

What do I have to get the iPhone 11 hooked up?

Ralph D.

Yuri Noyanov

Active Member
Dear Ralph,
Could you connect your Triumph-2 to desktop with NetView&Modem and check that latest firmware 3.7.9 installed and then select Actions | Setup WiFi AdHoc for iPhone/iPad connection.
Hi Yuri,
Thanks for the reply.
I had not checked the firmware and have now updated from 3.6.15 to 3.7.9. I applied the setup for WIFI adhoc for iPad/iPhone connection.

I can connect to the T-2 via WiFi settings in the iPhone. JMT Version 3.3 (build 3 20190716) reports the same as before: "Connection error!"

Other suggestions?

Yuri Noyanov

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Ralph, I can't reproduce the issue. That's why I asked you attach screenshots from WiFi Settings of your iPhone. The same as I attached to above message. Could you do this?