Join Observations

I have an action profile that allows me to gather data for at least five minutes, and if all other criteria are meet, then store the point, auto restart, and do it again; repeating this process until I manually stop the rover and either accept or reject the last point. I then averge or cluster the resulting points. This works well if I think the point is critical or if I know I am going to be away from the rover for an undetermined time and would like the equipment to be working while I am otherwise occupied.

My question is: Is there a way to join all of these observations and process the data as a single long session? This is the reverse of dividing a long session into several short sessions.
Thanks for the reply. Yes I was talking about post processing. As I understand it if I purchase Justin ($1,990) I can Join files, and if I have a long observation, I ca divide it into several short files. Will this software also address some of my desire to post process my work without the need to hbring the LS out of the field? i.e. can I DPOS from Justin?