LS External Antenna Port Damaged

Jim White

this is my plastic antenna port protector. Hopefully now it will never be needed.


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Jim Frame

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Nice! What holds it on? And did you print it yourself, or send a file to a service bureau, or some other approach?


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I've been having some radio problems and discovered that the male pin from the external antenna had broken off inside the adapter. Any ideas on how to get it out? Or is the adapter something that can be swapped out without sending the unit in?
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David M. Simolo

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This is not an official response but just maybe a drop of wax would grab a hold of it enough that you could pull it out with the wax after it cools. You also might be able to loosen the nut and get enough play to get at it. Or maybe another antenna or similar wire can just push it through and out of the way--I have no idea where that would land inside and what it might do.

Jim White

The photo is a bit fuzzy... But I have a lot of experience with that type of connector (SMA) from other equipment. What frequently happens is that the pin on the antenna side gets bent, so it slides between the socket and the white plastic, collapsing the socket. If that is the case, with GREAT care you can heat the white plastic with a hair dryer, and extract the pin with the tip of an x-acto knife. Then after the plastic is cool again, you can use a paper clip (or lead extractor from a pentel P205 pencil) to reshape the socket. Be sure the white plastic is cool and hard, or you will push it farther in and it is really shot.

You will also need a new antenna if it is missing the pin.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

The broken pin is jammed in quite tight, probably because we swapped out another antenna when the other was acting up, not realizing the broken piece was still in there. It is pushed in a small ways so there is some contact. It is functioning with the new antenna but I am wondering if I might be getting some loss because of less-than-perfect contact.

It looks like I might have to send this in.

Andrey Simonov

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Dear JoeD,
The smaller the contact area, the greater the resistance of this connection, and therefore the greater the signal loss.
Best regards, Andrey Simonov.
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