LS+ internal radio woes

ken larson

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Got to work with the equip for part of the day and it seems like a big improvement. Was able to get a signal at 1800'± with about 1400' of that being evergreen forest. Also drove 3000' up a road where I could still see the base and had no issue- just did not drive farther to check. Second site I previously could not get a signal at 300' from the base with a house in between was not an issue at all today. The external antenna seems like it may get hooked in the brush and get torn off, but maybe I should just get used to removing it when moving between points in thick brush. I suspect this resolves my issue, but will know more when I can get more field time on it.

Thanx for the prompt service

Bill Eggers

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Have not got this fixed yet, has been an issue since last February.
Did finally get it on RAMS on December 10 and Andrew worked diligently on changing settings, etc. but without success.
Received an RMA to send it in for repair, but with the end of year rush and not wanting to be without the LS in it's capacity as a network rover, have not sent it in yet but will soon.
Bill, I feel your pain. Since my T3 purchase and LS+ upgrade last spring, I rarely get a mile out of my 35 watt. By comparison, I regularly get close to 1000' using the rubber duck internal radio.
That said, the new engine configuration and the rtpk work wonderfully, and I highly recommend to any of you considering. I spent all of December on a large site (3 miles square) where I had worked all around it on previous jobs and basically staked out to all the old coordinates. I just had to leap frog the base around to reach all of the corners.


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I've been using an LS since my LS+ is in for a repair and I will try to remember to do a side by side radio test when I get mine back before I ship the rental back. I just know the radio range has been affected significantly with the LS+ configuration. I've been using TCP for corrections nearly on every job if I can and dread the bog jobs requiring radio and hilly terrain. It used to not be that way.

Regarding the LS+ upgrade, I didn't realize how much time it does save on my everyday work. I always wanted it for my heavy canopy shots, but the majority of my shots are in moderate to light canopy and since those are quicker now also, it makes the job quicker.