LS+ locking up just after startup

Mark Wheeler

Active Member
Today, in attempts to start the unit, the sequence is grey screen "you've come along way survey", the victory song, home screen opens up. Everything, including the hard buttons are for the most part unresponsive. After 10 seconds it flashes and goes back to the "you've come a long way survey" screen, remaining at that point indefinintely until powering off. No ability to connect to remote access. Any suggestions that may work? Unit worked fine the day before.

Nate The Surveyor

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Yes. After it starts, and goes locked up, then press the on/off button for about 5-6 seconds. But, if this does not help, then
I'm guessing that something in your boot file is corrupted.
If this is the case, you will want to hook it to lan wire, and do a "fresh install". I forget how, but I've done it.
If mine is in front of me, I could probably do it.