LS Plus not accessing Dropbox


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I have read through the thread by Ben Purvis from January 2022 discussing I believe the same issue. I tried the recommended remedies with no success. I am receiving the same message:
Error retrieving files list: timed out. curl=28: Operation time out after 20001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received. We have 2 units that we would love to have connected to our dropbox account. Any help would be appreciated.

Eugene Aksyonov

Doesn't seem the issue is related to registration after upgrade to Plus. Probably you simply need to refresh tokens on the portal. If you did and can't pass over the device linkage then put them to RAMS, please, I would like to check the reason.


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The unit with s/n 785 is connected to RAMS. I believe I have tried doing the suggested, with no success. It may be I am doing it wrong. Any help is much appreciated.