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I'm considering upgrading my LS to the LS+

Those of you that have done this ... what was the turn-around time for your units ?

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Right now there is a delay on some of the components. If you place your order you can get in line. Javad has advised that customers hold off on payment until the end of June. It is around 6 to 8 weeks as of now.
I just sent my LS prepaid which was received on 6/18. Just saw an invoice that showed an estimated shipping date of 7/02. We shall see.

The order was placed on 5/21.
Mine arrived Tuesday 8/03. The extra week was on me. They offered to switch or upgrade my cell module to Verizon for a fee. It was ready to ship days earlier but they had to open it up & bench test the module. I ordered on 5/21 to get in line. Shipped and received on 6/18. So just short of 2 months.

They may have received a big batch of chips which would greatly shorten the upgrade time.

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I'm in the group of people who are eagerly waiting on their upgraded LS +. It should arrive at rock ave. In San Jose, August 7th. Maybe at the end of the day.
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Nate The Surveyor

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I just got notice that my LS is shipping back to me. This totals to 18 days at JAVAD. Add about 4 days shipping, to GET there. Add another 4 days to get back to Arkansas.
18+4+4 totals to 28 days. That's about one Lunar cycle.
So, the answer to this thread's question, "How much time to upgrade an LS to PLUS"
About one moon. YMMV