LS Raw data & Trimble Business Center

Anyone out there using TBC for office processing your raw data?
I've had a system for years now with my Trimble equipment of how I run GPS & terrestrial data and TBC weights it all appropriately in a least squares adjustment...rarely disappointing in it's results.

With the addition of Javad to my arsenal I'm tripping a bit on how to integrate the data... I notice there is an NGS G file export option?

I need TBC to be able to look at vector observations with their proper weights in order to intertwine the data.

Recently I have been bringing in points as "surveyed" values...but on a recent project they are not adjusting like I expected with the Total Station Data and it got me worried...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Jim Frame

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For static observations I convert the JPS files to RINEX and import to TBC for processing. I only adjust big static networks in TBC, so for most other work I export vector data and import to Star*Net.

I'm expect there's a way to get Javad RTK vectors into TBC, I've just never tried it.
Yeah...that's what I'm after. RTK vectors

I've done the rinex gig and baseline processed it also, but doing that we loose the benefit of the way Javad looks at the data...and it's just like Trimble GPS in the woods again...

Just saw this next thread...anyone know what sort of text format TBC needs?
Any help on how to export the vector format file?
I have been researching this for a few days now and I don't see any loopholes in TBC.
I exported some files just to see if I could make sense of it, and the comma delimited file importer in TBC is really only for PNEZD or LLH info with attributes.

The other program I have is Carlson's built in SurvNET...I've never tried this...but I guess I'm going to learn. Attached is an image of the files it can import.
Can the LS generate any of these directly?
SurvNET Files.png
It's looking for a ".G" file when I tell SurvNET "NGS Gfile"
Out of the LS it is exporting a ".Gfile" ...when I rename it it won't recognize it...

I feel like I am way off the target with this...I've never tried this SurvNET program...Anyone else?

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when I rename it it won't recognize it.
SurvNET may be expecting D (correlation) records and you have the LS set to export E (covariance) records, or vice-versa. See if you can find documentation for the SurvNET g-file requirements and check to see that you have the options set up accordingly in your LS export page.
Getting warmer...
I was able to view the .Gfile within SurvNET

Still haven’t been able to mesh it with an .rw5 file on the site but I will contact Carlson about that next week.

I’ll figure this out...have to come back to it later.

Thanks Gents!
TBC 3rd party formats.jpg

Found out a bit more here today...These are the 3rd party RTK formats that TBC is now taking in. (With an upgrade OF COURSE!!)
They have written some python script to handle the data.
What are the chances of a future update to J-Field that would output one of these formats? (That would MAYBE tempt me to do the upgrade...TIRED OF GIVING AWAY TRIMBLE MONEY)

Either the .rw5 format, .dat format, or the .fbk formats would be my vote in that order... they seem to be the least proprietary and common of the list here?

I have gotten Carlson SurvNET to read in and convert a correlation format .gfile to a Carlson(*.gps - StarNET) file.
I can see the vector data in there...but it has crashed hard every time I try to process.
Nothing there to write home about...yet.