Needed improvements to Zoom Feature or Wish List item

Greg Flowe

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I am sure we have talked about this before, but I keep having to do this over and over again. Maybe it has been changed or added and I don't know it, but the ability to inverse from point to point using the map screen option and you zoom in and pick the first point then, then you go in for the second point and it has zoomed out to 20 miles. I need to know how to stop this if possible. Along that same line when opening a project for the first time the default zoom should be extents of the project not 20 mile out.

Donald E Robinson

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Did you say outer limits?;)

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Matt Johnson

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Greg the simplest way to do an inverse on the map screen is to draw a line on the map screen. The bearing and distance between the points is displayed at the top and the zoom level does not change. You can hit cancel if you don't want to complete drawing the line.