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I have been asked if I could provide a Trimble Calibration file, from the explanation, it sounds like a Localization file. Is there anyway to provide the file with the LS. Something like NGS G Files and Trimble BC, etc.


Matt Johnson

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We only support importing and exporting coordinate systems in "Justin CS File" (.jcs) format.

I also would not recommend and do not see the need to exchanging coordinates in some localized coordinate system. Why do they want this? It would be much better to exchange data in a standard state plane coordinate system or UTM system.
The clients Machine Control guy, is currenlty several states away, and they are trying to figure out, if someone local can provide them the .CAL or .DC file that is necessary for their Machine Control Project.

I have Javad and Topcon units, but no Trimble, so was trying to figure out how to help, short of the client shipping his Trimble Rover and Base, and just doing it for him, with his own equipment.
Another client is asking for a Trimble Calibration File. I am researching to see if TBC will take LS data and create the Calibration file. No luck yet. Will update if I find a solution.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
If the Trimble Calibration File is ASCII then you could probably create it with Note Pad. If it is binary, it's going to be a lot more difficult. I'm sure that all of the data is the same between what we have and what Trimble uses. It's a question of formatting.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Maybe see if he can send you a Trimble Calibration File and see if you can open it in Note Pad, then see if you can identify the elements and units in the file.
Yeah I watched that, but not sure how to get the Javad RTK data into it. Currently, I have been told it will work, with LLE (Lat.Long.Elev) in WGS84, but have no proof of concept yet. In order to get that far, the TBC price looks to be $2295 or $2995. This is why I was wondering if there was another way. If this becomes a standard deliverable, then I can justify the purchase of the TBC. Just kinda need a better understanding of how to get the data from the LS to the TBC or an easier solution would be if the LS could export its localization coordinate system as a Trimble .CAL

I know the LS does a world of things their competitors don't do, but we always find a way to want more....

Matt Johnson

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I have never used TBC but you should be able to import points from a text file. You might try downloading the manual to research this.
I can import points, from the txt file without any issues, I just need to get to the next step, which may just involve, importing the collected points, and then using the two seperate sets of points to create the Calibration file. Does anyone that has TBC, know if that is possible with just collected points, or do you need rtk GNSS data.
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I may have found the answer. It looks like if you import Lat,Long,Height you can use those to create the calibration. Here is a vid of Topcon data being imported as LLH and being used to create the calibration. I guess the LS will export LLH in order to do the same thing. Looks like only way to know for sure is to purchase TBC in orde to find out.

Knowing this, I can export LAT, LONG and ALT? Is ALT = Height. I have not checked, figured you guys would know. Also, It has to be WGS84, which is not a problem, just listing in case some one else needs to know.
Matt that is great info. Looks like the ALT part of our LL export is the Ellipsoid Height. So when exporting just remember ALT = Ellipsoid Height, not orthometric height. If that is not correct, let me know.