On the guiding philosophy of cogo

Nate The Surveyor

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Cogo is coordinate geometry.
It's understanding the relationships between coordinates. And deeds. And previous records.
The underlying philosophy of American surveyors, was demonstrated in:
TI 59
HP 41
HP 41cv
HP 41 CX
HP 48
These were popular platforms. They all had an underlying philosophy of taking field measurements, and integrating them with office dimensions (read deed dimensions) and assembling them into a coherent whole. Such that a NEW legal product could be developed, and generated. And this would be a drawing, with dimensions, and a list of bearings and distances around a given legal entity, with associated names, and owners, called a tract or parcel.
So, take a javad, and DO A WHOLE SURVEY, start to finish, without any other computational device. (Hand drawn plat)
And, you will develop the cogo we want and need.
Make it so that all the final coords are generated, before exporting.
That was the philosophy of cogo, that we as surveyors are.