Our green T-2 tops are failing - HELP!

Vahe Tadevosyan

@Vahe Tadevosyan I'd guess that means "won't hurt anything, so we do recommend using it"?
Plastics that sit in the sun a lot, tend to discolor. Some break down a lot. It's a variable.
A base sits in sun, rain, frost, hail, for several years sometimes.
Is there a cover, you'd recommend? I've seen "antenna cones" for those who have permanent, or semi permanent base set up. When I move to a t3, I was thinking of setting up the t2 as a semi permanent base. I've also heard that such cones are real expensive. 1500 to 2500. Because they have to not interfere with the signals, from any angle etc.
Is there such a thing available and recommended?
Thinking ahead...
Dear Nate,

Yes, you are right! We recommend using it.

With Regards,

Bryan Enfinger

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Thanks guys for the T2 covers ! I replaced ours using Vladimir's video. As Jim mentioned there's not much to see except the excellent design of the T2 board and antenna. Pretty easy to replace. My brother Buck was concerned, but i replaced both in about 1 hour.

They look brand new now ! The new covers felt a little stronger than the old covers.


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My T2 took a slight knock at the start of work today and turned off. I could not get it turn on again so in desperation opened it up to see if a wire had come loose or something.
To my surprise there was no gasket sealing the cover! I thought about the conditions I use it in thinking it was IP67 rated (30 mins at 1m).
I'm guessing that when the local dealer changed the top under warranty they forgot to put the gasket in the new one.
Does anyone know if the gasket is avalable by itself?
Oh, and the unit did turn on and work fine following the operation :)


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Just reporting back that GlobalPos Aust. fixed the missing gasket and even put a fancy new top with bumpers on - no charge! :)


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Hi Nate, Hi Jim

Your feedback about the experience of using TRIUMPH-2 is very much appreciated!

The latest revision of the top cover of TRIUMPH-2 made from new improved material, which was intensively tested for hard conditions before release and shall suspend environmental conditions, shock, and vibration much better versus previous versions.

Triumph-2 Top Cover Replacement Kit
is available here.

Vladimir Zhukov
The link for the Top Cover Replacement doesn't work