Pairing HPT404BT with Triumph2

Glen Thurow

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I recently lost the pairing between my HPT404BT and my Triumph2. I went into Netview-Modem to try and pair the radio to the receiver. I sent the drive to off and everything appears to be normal. However, when I click pair I get a "pairing error" message. I'm obviously overlooking something in the procedure. I've attached a screenshot. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Andrey Simonov

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Dear Glen,
We can remote connect to your PC and we can investigate this problem.

1. Please turn on units and please connect Tr-2 and HPT404BT to PC, connect NetView to units like you done that when you have sent us screenshot.
2. Download JSupport program from link bellow: and please do not rename this file.
3. Run the program from PC, connected to the Internet.
4. Wait some seconds until red cross in the program window changes to white checkmark on green.
5. Then simply send us the ID-number that program generates for your PC.
6. After we receive this ID we’ll remotely connect to your Desktop and you can see any our actions.
7. Close the program window when we finish.

Best regards, Andrey.

Glen Thurow

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I set this up as requested, but because of the time differential, we may not be in sync. I'll leave it running for a while. I sent the code via discussion.
I will repeat the procedure tomorrow morning at 7:00 am (GMT-6).
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