Release J-Field and Linux OS

Michael Stazhkov

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Release notes.
- added: preferable corrections stream interface
- fixed: detection of leased values in receivers option
- implemented: Draw add Snap to Endpoint, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Intersection, Center, and Tangent
- fixed: Unhandled exception (switch) after resurveying
- fixed crash on shape selection
- fixed creation of spread spectrum specific UI.
- fixed: App crashes in CoGo -Stakes - Stake Curve
- fixed bug: some points were missing on the MapScreen.
- improved: Polyline Info Screen
- implemented: "Add coordinates as a property of control for RTK engines"

Linux OS
- Improved gnss-link: added support to reset receiver
- Improved automount: added support to notify mount/unmount events
- Fixed ehci-omap: init packet buffer OUT/IN thresholds
- Fixed phy-twl4030-usb: fixed denied runtime access
- Fixed musb_gadget: fixed short isoc packets with inventra dma
- Fixed rtc-twl: added workaround to support RTC alarm with tm_mday=21
- Improved ehci-hcd driver: enabled back-to-back async packets, reset HW default IRQ latency
- Improved udc-core: added mechanism to specify an explicit status stage
- Improved musb_gadget: implemented optional explicit status stage
- Improved gnss-link: added threaded IRQ support
- Added USB MTP support, removed USB MSG
- Fixed qmi_wwan driver
- Fixed fatal exception in the net:core process_backlog
- Fixed memory leak in the ti:st_core
- Fixed ofono qmimodem driver: added support to manage locked SIM card with PIN code
- Fixed st_core, btwilink drivers: fix skb double free corruption, fix NULL pointer dereference.
- Updated ofono qmimodem driver: fixed recovery of a network session after re-registration
- Updated triumph-net 1.15.5, libofono-qt 1.6.3
- Updated gnss-link driver: changed buffer limit up to 256K
- Updated wl1271 driver: WLAN/BT coexistance operation is configured to 'opportunistic' mode
- Updated connman daemon


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Could the customer send the project to support and describe how to reproduce the behavior? Just go to Collect screen and try to zoom in/out?
He is in the field now but said he was going to post on here later this evening. I'm sure he'd be glad to send the project. You are correct with that last statement. Thanks Michael.
Micheal, I am the one that Adam spoke to earlier about the zoom dragging. I believe I have concluded it was because I had to many lines being shown on my screen at the time. I turned off a couple of pages which helped with the speed. I just did not think it was dragging like that in my earlier version and I have not changed anything about the project except for upgrading, maybe I am wrong and it was slow all along. I will keep an eye on it an report f I notice it again. I can still send the project if need be.

Michael Stazhkov

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Connected to my permanent CORS Delta today. Cannot take more than two shots without it locking up. It locks up on UHF and over cell. Any ideas on how to fix this?
When something wrong is happening please push button: Support -> "Send Log to Support".
I see only one recent log from your device 00682 (19 March) and it has UI lock up when restoring factory data (so it tells nothing about your actual problem).
Could you try to create new empty project and collect data to it. Will the problem with lockup recur?
What color is the compass button at the top center of the collection screen?
That was it shawn. I had it mess up on force installation and was more worried about that being installed correctly. Placed it on my patio table and connected through rams to test. Table was not level. It must have installed incorrectly during update. 2 force installs later and it appears to be working correctly.