Clay Davidson

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RTK and RTPK are stored in the same point together. They are technically 2 different solutions for the same point. I think it would improve relative accuracy reports if we could somehow separate the 2 solutions as different points. Normally I get 3 locations on a point with RTK and RTPK. So technically that's 6 solutions for the point I'm trying to get.

If you could split the RTK and RTPK you would have 6 solutions for the same point, then do your cluster average on 6 points. Your relative accuracy reports would be more precise.

We have the data just no easy way to separate the RTK ad RTPK.

Maybe somehow get cluster average points to recognize both RTK and RTPK for the same point into its calculations then we wouldn't have to separate the two solutions. Is this a possibility?

Wes Hand

Man that would be so powerful if you could get cluster average to yield separately an rtk cluster and rtpk cluster. I’d most like the ability to select that group of three and it select the best combo of the 6 rtk and rtpk positions and remove me from the equation .