RTN with hotspot

Duane Frymire

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On LS units without sim card option we connect via hotspot to rtn. Lately, the rtn is greyed out even though wifi reception is excellent and internet access is "yes". I have to create a new profile (copy or edit will not work) and then it will work. But next time I turn it on rtn is greyed out again and have to create a profile all over again. Not sure when this came about, but first reported to me a couple weeks ago. When I go in to edit the profile it indicates APN in red and shows "...wifi, off". I check the sim card and it is off (don't have that option) but seems to be disabling connection to rtn via the hotspot as well. Any ideas how to fix this?

Matt Johnson

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In the GSM configuration screen turn off the 4G LTE Mini Card if it is on. If it is still not wanting to connect through WiFi cycle the WiFi off and then back on again.

Mikhail Zinovyev

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Dear Duane. Please, check the settings of wizard profile for your RTN. Go to Setup / Edit (General Group) / RTK Rover / Go next to RTN APN screen. Check the Receiving Interface (at the down of the screen. For working with WiFi it should be Wireless LAN (Not Auto).

Jim Frame

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How new is that option? I didn't have any trouble last time I used my LS, but it's probably been a couple of weeks.
I am running up to date release and mine is on auto and works fine, I did go in and change it to see if there is a difference.