Scale Function


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Scaling surveyed points to ground is done by creating and editing the coordinate system Josh. There isn't an option to scale design points in cogo.


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Hi Nusouthsc and Nate,
We will add that function for design points only. I would suggest to make scaling, rotation and shift in that screen. Do we need to do something with height? Vertical shift could be useful I think. Maybe to mimic localization transformation?
Yes! Height included in the adjustment would be very useful as well. Thank you so much.

Nate The Surveyor

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"Align design coords" sounds like a good name.
In acad, the align command allows you to rotate, translate, scale all at once. Users are often familiar with this.
A "reverse" localize with residuals is what it would be?
With residuals is a key point. Thanks


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Those options all sound great and residuals is a nice benefit. My main purpose is to simply be able to select a group of points and apply a simple scale factor.
Thanks again for the responsiveness.

Josh Ellis