shooting a corner with tilt


I was wondering if there is a video or step by step for shooting a corner using the tilt compensator. I can't find the procedure in the manuals or searching the forum. Any help would be appreciated.

Adam Plumley

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First go to home screen 2 and tap calibrate. Calibrate the compass and levels. After that tap the compass button in the action screen then options. Check on correct for tilts. Make sure your rod height is correct.

John Thompson

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Adam has nailed the basic procedure. As for how to hold the rod on the point to get the best precision, I've tried a few different methods, and I suggest that you do too so you can get a feel for what to expect. I have found that I get the best results if I calibrate compass and level offset as Adam described, then average multiple shots with the rod tilted in the same direction, but rotated 180 degrees (twist the pole) so that the compass and level errors should cancel. I have my LS mounted on the pole with a quick attach like this that can swivel, so if the shot is not in canopy and epochs are steadily being collected, I take one shot but every 30 seconds rotate the LS 90 degrees until it has faced all 4 directions for the same amount of time (120 seconds total). The pattern of flyspecks on the screen is usually split into 4 quadrants of approximately equal size. You may need to open up the Confidence Guard a little if the 4 clusters are too far apart. Also, RTPK does not compensate for tilts (yet), so expect the red asterisk (RTPK position) to be moved off of the green square (RTK average position) in the direction the rod is leaning. If your action profile is waiting for RTPK to agree with RTK, it might never get there.

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