T1M for Sale

Wes Cole

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I have two LS's and don't have as much need for the T1M now. So if anyone is interested feel free to email me at wes AT wescolesurveying DOT com.

Here's the details on the unit:
Internal Frequency Hopping Radio
Purchased May 2016
Sale includes unit and charger, as-is with no warranty.

It's a great unit and works well as a static receiver or network rover too.

Asking $6,000 or best offer.

Pictures below.

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Nate The Surveyor

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We can't use spread spectrum radios. We need more range. Can it be converted to uhf? Or, can it push bluetooth to a radio, like a t2?

Wes Cole

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I'm pretty certain you can connect an external radio to it, I've never done that though. Maybe @Adam can answer?