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Duane Frymire

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Customer purchased T1M internal 1 watt uhf, was using LS and RTN before. I set it up for him over RAMS.

I set to DQPSK. Is that the best setting? I looked at quick start guide and mentions D8PSK. I used upsampling so thought DQPSK was proper to use.

Also, customer claims he has it on good authority that FCC license not needed (I told him he needed one). He says 1 watt uhf falls under LPRS rules and doesn't need a license. Is that true?

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Matt Johnson

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Duane Frymire

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Thanks Matt, he did purchase Galileo option in the hope it would be useful sometime 2019. Is D8PSK the correct modulation for that at 1 Hz?

I'll share those links with him.

Duane Frymire

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Yes, with Galileo and RTCM 3.0 MSM corrections, D8PSK modulation should be used.
Thanks again Matt.

It would be helpful to have this information in a table format in the quick start guide. I know the combinations could get lengthy, but maybe just the more common or suggested ones would not be too long. But for instance, I'm getting the idea that I should have at least a couple setup profiles for my 4 watt radio, one for operating at 4 and one for operating at 1 watt (within 75 miles of Canada). And when Galileo use begins, would I then use D16PSK for 4 watt (base and rover both Triumph LS) and D8PSK for 1 watt?