T2 as Network RTK Mountpoint - How-To?

Jim Campi

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We set up the Triumph-2 at 5Hz and the communication is better in my opinion over the internet than UHF and SS. UHF and SS are fine, but IP is even better (when you have the cell coverage for it).[/QUOTE]

Hi Shawn,

What do you mean by "communication is better"? Are you referring to the link, signal strength, etc or does the system seem to fix faster with more engines? In an early post, Javad mentioned that UHF maxes out at 5 Hz. If the Triumph CPU could handle it, then I suppose a TCP connection could eventually allow a higher base transmission rate.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
I think I get more successful packets over IP than I do UHF or SS.

I believe the success of 5Hz is this:
The processor can perform the math to resolve a fix in much faster than one second. Once it either gets the fix or not, it's waiting until the next correction to even try again, so that leaves the balance of that second wasted while the processor is waiting for the next correction. By pushing 5Hz, we give the processor something to do all of the time, not just for the fraction of each second. It's like rolling dice then, where a six is a fix and everything else is a float. If I roll the dice slowly, I will get very few sixes in a given amount of time. If I roll the dice very quickly, I get more sixes in a given amount of time. I'm not really worried about how many rolls it took, I just want sixes.

The processor speed will have to be increased, I think, to be able to use much more than 5Hz.

Matt Johnson

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You can work without cellular service if you are surveying a very small site where your base and rover will always be in WiFi range of your router, otherwise you will need cellular service.