Tall tripods

Nate The Surveyor

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What is going on here is:
This base point was set up 2 yrs ago. When the trees were smaller. Since "m-local" and DPOS are presently at odds with each other, due to a bug, (after DPOS, I can't hold the local coord) so, I had to occupy the old base site. I'd have preferred to have used "reverse shift", and set up on a nearby hill. So, I just set up tall. HI at base was 7.63'. It's a "cornfield tripod".
Anyway, it's odd enough, that I took it's pic.

I also set up 2 extra base nails nearby, on the hill. In another yr or 2, this base won't work. Using the same base site keeps the "few hunnerts" error out. Am I too pedantic? Yes, 'fraid so!