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Hi Javad,

I got a Javad Triumph LS. Today, I conducted a dynamic vehicle test with LS. Before I went to the test, I updated all the software and firmware to its latest available version.I set up the Network RTK with Triumph LS and it fixed very well. When driving on the road, all looks normal. (Fixed, trajectory point number keeps increasing). But after the test, when I exported the trajectory points and looked at them. The trajectory interrupted in the middle of test as shown in below figure 1. I looked at the jps file, the GNSS raw measurements are continuous, and I can do post-processing with rtklib normally (figure 2).

So, the problem is exported trajectory are stopped in the middle. I don't know why.

I uploaded a series of files collected including:
.jps for rover observation
javadpoints.txt for exported point series
JavadTrajectory.kml for exported google earch trajectory
base.raw is the RTCM3 message from base station (I collected with other device with the same mountpoint in this CORS, the mountpoint is in single station mode, so the CORS always send the data from nearest station)
base.obs is the converted RINEX file.

Figure1, Javad Exported trajectory (points lost as represented in red arrows)


Figure2, Post processed with rtklib, it means the measurements in the lost part are exist.

SO, I think there should be something went wrong.

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Matt Johnson

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Please export and share the Project Archive (Files > Archive Current Project) for us to investigate.