Trimble NCRTN custom points export issue

Yuri Noyanov

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Those steps worked very well, even when leaving the header row in. Excel 2019 is slightly different from the instructions but actually a little easier. I am talking with the software developer of our post processing software to see if there may be another file type other than CSV that could be used that may play nicer with Unicode. I will let you know what we found out. Let me know if there is a fix on the back end so that users don't have to do the extra steps.

We collected a lot of data on the same points with multiple different Trimble receivers and the Triumph 2 units last week in a training we hosted. Most of the trainees had never seen Javad before and had only used Trimble. Most of them were blown away by the Triumph 2 and the ease of use, particularly with JMT. I have a few more questions from some things we saw last week. I will post another thread for them shortly.

I talked to Michael about possibly getting an LS unit to test about a year ago but we never were able to work it out. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon as Adam is very impressed by it.
We can add a check mark in export or just check the file extension and in the case of .csv file replace degree char with something other char. What char would you prefer - d or just empty space or something else?
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Why to use char when we operating import/export with Numbers? Any specialist understands "55.7214352496667" and we know columns meanings like DD.DDD, DD.MMMM, DDMMSS.SS. Formatting for report is another task <- where you want and how you want.