Triumph-1: rw5 and coordinates


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I have measurements obtained from a Triumph-1 receiver (sorry for posting in 1M but I could not find another forum category). The measurements were carried out using RTK with corrections using VRS but the user of the receiver had set a specific projection and a custom geoid model for the measurements. As I am interested to have the geodetic coordinates (φ,λ,h) of the receiver in the coordinate system of the base station, I found that my only option is to use the .rw5 file. A sample is provided below:
--Entered HR: 2.0500, Slant
--GS,PNR1033,N 4199236.1943,E 405603.7723,EL7.9349,--
--HRMS:0.023, VRMS:0.026, STATUS:FIXED, SATS:7, PDOP:3.262, HDOP:1.830, VDOP:2.701

The GPS line has the coordinates of the receiver. So the questions is how can I get φ,λ,h on the ground point in the reference system of the Base Point?
Do the GPS coordinates (LA,LN,EL) refer to the coordinate system of the Base Station?
Do these coordinates (LA,LN,EL) refer to the the Antenna Reference Point, to the Phase Center or to the point on the ground taking into account HR?
Have the offsets for L1 and L2 been taken into account?

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Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
I would refer to documentation from Carlson Software as I suspect SurvCE was the data collection software used to create the .rw5 file.


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Shawn, thank you for your reply. I have read the documentation of Carlson (SurvCE Version 3.0 Raw File records) but they only mention:

GPS Record type:
GPS Field headers:
PN Point Name LA Latitude (WGS84)
LN Longitude (WGS84, negative for West)
EL Ellipsoid Elevation (meters)
-- Note *GPS heights may be recorded to phase center or ARP depending on GPS make.
GPS,PN701,LA42.214630920,LN-71.081409184,EL-21.8459,--CP /Brass Disk

Nothing specific.