Triumph-2 created .jps: 10 minute static collection becomes "Session interval exceeds 2 continuous days" Time traveling?

Rodney H.

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I was collecting a number of static points last week along the Klamath River in California. With one Triumph-2 my collected points processed in DPOS with the expected results. Another Triumph-2 was also used later in the week and many of its .jps files with 10-minute occupation times collecting epochs every second kick out this error:


First off, unless T2-00251 is working for Doctor Who, why is this particular unit creating .jps files with this issue about 50% of the time on 10-minute static collections? I am sure there's a way to open the .jps files and correct the date issue so it will process in DPOS correctly, does anyone know which line to find the bad date information and correct it?

Matt Johnson

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The start time is somehow shown to be in 2135. You are using an old version of firmware from 2017. I would upgrade the firmware to see if it resolves the issue.


@Alexey Razumovsky do you know why this is happening and is there a way to fix these files?

Rodney H.

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Turns out to be 20% of the files had this issue. Each plot I was collecting centre and the four corners and each plot collected with this T2 would have one .jps file with the time issue, twice plot centre, twice the NE corner, and once the SW corner. Weird and annoying, all in one! I'll see if I can follow Alexey's instructions and get these fixed, if not, expect my snarky mug back here looking for help as going back out to these plots is a 12-hour round-trip I don't want to do again.