Triumph 2 packing and shipping

Nate The Surveyor

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My Triumph 2 got into trouble in 3 ways.
It had cracks at all 4 corners.
It had water inside it, (watermark was visible)
The RED LED light for the battery indicator quit.
So, I sent it back to the west coast, to be repaired.
I rented another one for $300, so that I would not get in a bind.
The rental unit worked great. It had little bumpers added in 6 places, to protect it.
And, my old T2 came back Friday.
Here are pics of how it arrived. In this first pic, the T-2 has fallen through the cardboard packing, and is "In the basement".
In this second pic, you can see the top cover has also been torn.
Here, in this last pic, you can see the bottom cardboard compromised.
I would like to recommend that the Javad Company add some kind of packing to the "Basement" so that it cannot "Get loose" in shipping.
I grew up, with the idea that it was OK to die, but NEVER let the instrument hit the ground. I still am like that. I handle these things like they are Gold.
I was disappointed to see that it had flopped around, in shipping, so much.
It seems that it is ok, as it turns on ok, and off, and seems to be just fine.
I also like the better packing on the battery, so it won't shift around inside the T-2.
But, I expect to add silicone (from a tube) to the battery terminal end of the internal battery, so IF it does ever get rough treatment, that the battery cannot hit the connection, and spoil it.
And, I love my T-2 LS combo!
I got it all going, unpaired from the Rental Unit, and Re-Paired to mine.
I hope this feedback helps. Thanks Shawn, and the Javad Team.


Sean Joyce

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Nate; It looks like Ace Ventura delivered that T2 after sending it "downtown".

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