Triumph 3 problem

Kevin Wall

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I apologize in advance if this is not the correct category for technical problems but here goes.

First jobsite Friday everything worked perfectly. Went to a second site and my Triumph 3 base only the top left on/off light (green) will come on and of course unable to connect the LS.
Have any of you had this problem before and how'd you fix it?
Thanks for any help!

Matt Johnson

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For NVRAM clearing of Javad receivers do the following:
  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold Record (FN) button.
  • While Record (FN) button is held, press Power button for 1-2 seconds to turn the receiver on.
  • Wait until both first and last LEDs turn green.
  • In five seconds, both LEDs will blink orange.
  • Release Record (FN) button while LEDs are blinking. Note that you have only five seconds while orange-blinking state is on to clean NVRAM.

Matt Johnson

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The colors of light may be different for the T3. I am not sure. Have you tried to connect to Netview? You can also clear the NVRAM once you are connected in Netview.

Kevin Wall

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So far I have not been able to even make my computer recognize (usb cable A / micro B.)
The only light that will come on is the green on/off and when I plug to the charger an orange power light.

Randy Greene has made a phone call to California but I'm sure hoping there is a simple fix for this and I don't have to ship it in for diagnosis!

I do sincerely thank you for trying

Matt Johnson

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The fix should be clearing the NVRAM. For further help:


John Rosco

Hi Kevin,

I understand (from Randy Greene) that you have a Triumph-3 unit that will not fully power up when you use the internal battery of the unit (top left LED is the only indicator that turns on), and will not connect to an LS via a Bluetooth connection?

From this ‘Forum’ we see that you have also plugged in the external power supply / charger and that the Power LED turns orange, indicating that the internal battery pack is/are being charged.
Also, that you have also tried manually clearing NVRAM to no avail, and also tried connecting the USB connection to NetView and Modem (NV&M).

Can you try:
  • Leave the Triumph-3 turned off;
  • Connect the external power / charger to your Trumph-3 unit and the Power LED should be ‘red’;
  • Leave the external power / charger connected to your Trumph-3 unit until the Power LED turns ‘green’, indicating a full charge of the internal battery packs;
  • Then turn-on your Triumph-3 to see if it starts to operate correctly.

Please let us know (via email to if the above sequence provides a solution.
If not, then we can provide an RMA for your Triumph-3, SN: 00168, to be returned to the JAVAD facility in San Jose, CA for inspection.