Trouble with DPOS responding

Chris Renaldo

New Member
Is there a problem with Dpos today?

I have been trying since early this morning to send two projects to dpos. Base & rover data is sent ... and then it just sits, doing nothing. I have left it like this for an hour; no change. I also shut down and resent it a dozen times. I tried both jobs that I did last week. No difference. It seems to work just fine until it doesn't. No error code or message .. just sits there. Is it just me today or bad karma?

Dmitry Ostrikov

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Staff member
Dear Chris

Main DPOS server processing engine was out of service the time you had submitted the data. Now the issue is resolved. Please check your data had processed or re-submit it one more time.

Chris Renaldo

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Thank you for the update. I was not sure what I was doing wrong. It seemed to be so normal ... but not. I came in this morning to an inbox full of solutions! They all were fine.

Thank you very much for telling me what was happening.

Chris Renaldo

New Member
Is there something happening with Dpos today? I am trying to process (3) files from (3) different days last week and I am getting "sever waiting error" message. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or is it just that the system is down.