Trouble with RAMS

I know I have been able to do this in the past, but I am having trouble with RAMS:

Using the RAMS mobile app on my phone (android), I can't connect to the LS. I have tried with the phone's mobile hotspot on with no luck and then again with both the phone and the LS connected to a separate jetpack - no luck there either. I am in the office now with both the phone and the LS connected to the office wifi, can't get it to work there either. This is the android app, any ideas??

I am able to connect with my laptop and the online RAMS viewer.

Matt Johnson

Well-Known Member
You need the Custom Server to be connecting to the IP address of your phone with both the phone and LS connected to the same wifi network. See the built in Help screen in the app.
Yes, that is what I am doing but something isn't right. After entering the ip address listed on the RAMS app screen (on the phone) into the LS under custom server, I hit connect. The LS says its connected but the app on the phone doesn't respond or change at all. Just a blank screen.
Something is wrong - after I hit connect on the LS, it says connected and the timer starts counting up. Now if I exit out of the app on my phone, the LS is be disconnected. So I think it is connected, but I don't see the live LS screen on my phone and I can't control it from my phone.


Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099
Today, RAMS on my PC works great, as it does normally; however, I just installed RAMS (from the Google Play Store) on my new phone, and the Triumph-LS shows it connected to the device, but RAMS on the phone doesn't show it connected. Any ideas what to try next?