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The last couple times I attempted to use my triumph ls it would connect just fine say it was fixed then as soon as I walk away from the base it was floating/static and I couldn’t use it. I did a uhf scan and all the channels or frequencies were either noisy or said do not use but I tried switching through the noisy ones and got nothing. What am I missing and why would this suddenly happen, it worked one day, same site, then the next it’s doing this. I didn’t change any settings just did a data dump and charged the battery between. SW Washington State


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If it's floating then it is getting corrections. If it is cdf or stn it is not. Is it goin between cdf and float or goes to cdf then stays there? What is the power set at and how far away are you talking? Screenshots of the radio screen and action screen would help.
Gps and glonass only or multi constellation? Which Base? Which Radio? Radio antenna on ? Version of J field? Try turning off the LS radio and then back on. Is it set to internal or external? If external is antenna on LS?

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Adam's questions are quite reasonable. Radio is a funny beast. I did a job once, near an air conditioning compressor, outside, and in certain places, near that compressor, I could not get UHF corrections from the base.
So, it was producing RF, but in radial sectors, from the compressor.
It was my old Topcon legacy e gear.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
If your radio is broadcasting then it is the Interference you are seeing. The scan looks for activity on the selected frequencies. Your base is active. Close to the base the RF will bleed over to adjacent bands.

As was said if you were floating then you were getting corrections. Is the base seeded with valid coordinates? Is the base in the open, away from trees and buildings?