Victor LS-RTK4 Firmware

This was mentioned in a thread here and I'm kinda interested in it. I have the Victor-LS with the T2 and use as a network rover. From what I'm understanding, this will enable the T2 to have 6 engines instead of one I have now ? Throughout the years of using the RTN, I've always been cautious using it, especially the vertical component results. However, using the Victor does enable some kind of verification although not as the LS does. Usually, I re-occupy any points when using the RTN as a basic verification and if there is any doubt, a long static observation, especially in high multi-path areas. My T2 has version 3.6.14 Nov 19 2018 on it now. Can the RTK4 firmware be installed on this ? If so, is the raw GNSS data still stored on the T2 ? Do I need to send the T2 back for an upgrade ? There's not much info on this and would like to know more.

My big question, as it appears no users have any knowledge of this, can I install this on my current T2 ??
Thanks Shawn... I'll try and install this p.m. I was a little hesitate as where you download, it says for "Triumph 2-(rev 4 and higher)". I still don't understand about that.
Okay. Do I use "Update Firmware"-from file or "Update Options"- from file ? After unzipping the file, it has three files : _0floader_3-7.ldr, 01f_main_3_6_12_rtk4.ldp and 13f_mcus_148.ldp.
Thanks Shawn for your help. Got to finish a map this p.m. before I'll download. I'll keep you advised. Looking forward to using 6 engines and having some kind of confident setting.
Got it downloaded and installed... everything is working. Triumph 2 has six engines now ! This receiver and the Victor-LS continue to amaze me. Still learning every time I use it. I'm constantly reading the manual when I have free time. I highly recommend this setup (RTN network) for the "office surveyor" that has to (gets to) go out in the field sometimes !!