Viewing LS screen display data on an iPad?

Can't find anything on the site about this. If it's been discussed, my apologies.

I was collecting topo points early this week and ended with w/ close to 90 within an area of about 90x50 feet. Very tight. Trying to view these on the LS screen worked, but was far from convenient, even after blowing up the screen view.

I immediately wished I could shift viewing to an iPad or similar device. Do any of the Javad apps allow a live connection between the LS and an iPad? o_O

Matt Johnson

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Darren Clemons

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Rams works great great Patrick. I’ve used it several times on topo while riding in a Mule. I’ve got a bracket in the Mule that I use to mount the iPad.
As Matt says, there IS a small latency issue but it’s not too bad.

One thing to note: I did have major problems when trying to use Bluetooth earbuds along with the rams app. They don’t all work well together. Not sure if that’s been improved or even looked at.

Steve Douty

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I know everyone is tired of hearing the same song, however.... An emulator for the LS would be a wonderful thing. (I recognize that this is a little off topic. But all of the same arguments about screen size, along with previously expressed issues do still apply.)