What is the most used option to configure the receiver?

What is the most used option to configure the receiver?

  • Via Controller with software

  • Via Web User Interface of receiver

  • Via PC software

  • Via built-in buttons or graphical interface

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Nate The Surveyor

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Most of us became surveyors, with an HP 48, or HP 41.
Ever since we went "Fancy", (ie GPS, and some sort of dependence on Govt Satellites) we deal with a certian amount of blind trust. Very repeatable blind trust, but blind trust, none the less.
So, to make money, we just "beg for help" when the "Fancy Machine" stops!

We like it, but I cannot solve Octo-quadratic equasions in my head. Log rhythms are (for some of us) what you hear when primitive people beat on wood drums, or you listen to modern radio! (grin)

So, we do (probably and unfortunately) need basic interface software, to make settings changes.

So, I suggest NET VIEW, have 2 levels. Level one, is where most users can make basic changes. Level 2 is where someone with more knowledge can set up things on a deeper level.
So, netview, but parts of it that "Take you deep", I think will be with us forever.
Also, the ability to remotely run things has been needed by me several times.


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I feel like two of the options are saying the same thing. I want the unit in hand where I can physically press the buttons and also be able to look at other things that might need adjusting physically. The built in GUI.