What is the weight of receiver fit best in your applications?

What is the weight of receiver fit best in your applications?

  • < 300g

  • < 500g

  • < 750g

  • < 1kg

  • < 1.5kg

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Eugene Aksyonov

In common English usage, "bushes" refers to a group of discrete shrubs, usually not very many. They might be close together or spread out. "Brush" is used to describe dense woody vegetation, usually covering a large area.
Appreciated to you for the lesson, Jim!
The current weight of the LS is great considering the extensive battery life. Antennae catching on brush is certainly a downer but probably not many ways around that. I slid down a creek bank unexpectedly and ending up skinning the rubber off of my UHF antenna and breaking the cell antenna. I find myself hunched over following deer and rabbit trails often and bless the genius that invented the collapsible monopole. I tuck the whole package in under my arm when possible and go. That makes my life so much easier. With the LS and 1M combo, I spent more time holding a rod steady by hand than I liked but with the LS+ and T3, most shots are much shorter now. The screen is very quick compared to some data collectors I have used but gets very wonky in the rain, probably no fix for that.

Lean and mean is the answer for me. Integrated everything. I even expect to get the Jtip very soon. Brilliant, all of it. Thank you guys for what you build.

Nate The Surveyor

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On the Brush / Bushes and getting through the thick briars and non domesticated undergrowth, I go places that are so bad.... yes, round corners would help alot. Even if they were plastic, and did nothing but allow it to slide through better.
Eugene, don't feel bad... English has challenges.

Jim, thank you, I have lost alot of blood to these briars.
"non domesticated undergrowth' is my new favorite phrase!
Yesterday I had a little time to kill waiting on a client and I pulled out a pocketknife and started going after the dozen or so little thorns that had gotten stuck in my hands from a particularly rough job the day before. There is a period where they start to fester and with just a little persuasion, the little buggers pop right out. It is either right away or wait for that festering period.

Sean Joyce

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Lighter may mean more possibility of breaking. As careful as I am my receiver has taken quite a few dives into the ground and pavement.
As John Cameron Swazey said it takes a licking and still keeps ticking.
Keep the weight and durability as I consider carrying it part of my exercise regimen.
As John Cameron Swayze says it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.