Where Have You Been with Your LS Lately?

Darren Clemons

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Hadn't posted a "big ole tree" shot in a long while, but this one was quite nice...

5'+ across white oak - the LS is within about 2" of being flush with the trunk - got a fully validated, verified shot and a check within about 8 minutes....


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Running some lines today with my son and using my good ole Sipe-Sumner. What a great experience... the LS for the Boundary locations...and a quick easy compass line for the cutting/ flagging. Ran 2200’ by 2:00... didn’t miss anything more than 1’...even jumping around the trees!
Thought this was a cool picture...an old rock pile...with a wagon axle in it...Jacob staff compass and the LS...nothing like it!


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Little Rock Canyon Road, they weren't kiddin' when they named it. 450' of elevation change in 1600'. I teamed up with another Surveyor to do this job. We had 2 LS rovers running off of an LS base and using the 2 engine rtk firmware. We got very lucky with our base location. It's in the little clearing where you see point 1032. If this area wouldn't have been here I wouldn't have been able to use the LS's. There was no cell coverage for TCP and no other place close enough to get radio corrections (1 watt or 35 watts). We went from the very top of the ridge to the bottom. The Southern lines were already marked and flagged due to an adjoiners survey. We went all the way round the property locating the corners ( 2 shots each) and we flagged the Western and Northern lines. We also located all the gravel drives and a beautiful log home. Approximately 4000' of very steep boundary in about 12 hours.

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James Suttles

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Doug, can you name the Mountain Peak in the background of the last pic? I bet you can. Hint, the Caldwell Wautaga line is about 1000' feet North of this property

First guess is Grandfather, second would be Blowing Rock
Tom: glad to see someone making reasonable use of 'old' technology with the latest (the LS). Pre-GPS, I used to use my Sipe Sumner compass to establish magnetic north on my surveys, most of which I took sunshots on and referenced to astronomic north. But, it was good to compare as a reference since almost everyone else in our area was using some variation of mag north.

I met Mr. Sipe at a conference at Penn State in the late 1980's and purchased my compass directly from him. He was still very sharp, even remembered some specifics of a survey he had done in my part of the state in the early 1900's. I also bought his book, which I later learned is somewhat controversial, although I truly believe that, like all of us, he made a good-faith effort to apply rational methods to the 'art' of surveying.

Your pictures have given me some ideas for extending line from the LS in heavy woods where it might bog down. I considered packing my Wild T0 along to do that, but the S-S compass would be much easier to pack. I had a machinist thread the Sipe azimuth base to fit a prism pole so I wouldn't need a tripod or jacob staff.

Thanks for sharing your ingenuity.