Which Operating System do you prefer on Controller?

Which Operating System do you prefer on Controller?

  • Android

  • iOS

  • I don't care, just need software working properly.

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Jim Campi

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Perhaps things have changed. When the iphone was introduced, it seemed like a toy and/or not equipped for professional use (hosted Exchange, security etc). So, I was an early adopter of Android. After 2-3 years of upgrading my experience was always the same...after a few months use the OS seemed to lag, possibly associated with software conflicts, malware etc.

The Android also had so many more configuration options in terms of the GUI. At first this was cool. When having to update phone or wiping and starting over, all of the configuration options became annoying when faced with deadlines and other professional obligations.

I switched to iOS around iphone 4 and have had just about every model apple has released since. Overall, I simply have had fewer headaches using ios.

I am curious if Google has "fixed" the malware, software bloat and system lag that seemed so prevalent in early models.

By the way, I understand that some of use just prefer one over the other as in Chevy vs Ford. My opinion is that it's a tool and I prefer to choose the option that will work best for my business. That could mean the occasional change from one OS to the other.

It would be maybe easier, if you reveal what options are you considering because at this point these considerations take place at the level of a certain abstraction and in isolation from the real world solutions or planned data collecting software. So someone could suggest here to use Just A Rather Very Intelligent System for example.
Do you plan to use as collectors dedicated devices created from scratch or third party existing devices? Do you plan to port existing field software to another operating system or release brand new software?
From a general point of view, it does not matter so much what operating system will be used. It is rather question of some details like for example physical keyoard integration in data collecting software, if there will be any at all, whether you will use resistive or capacitive touch screen and so on.
And there is also a question of a purely practical approach. JMT has been developed from years for ceratin operating systems and it is quite mature software now with quite dynamic and constant progress in development. I am sure that changing platform for no apparent reason now would be regression and will lead to years of troubles for the users, the years we have somehow behind. Windows mobile/embedded devices are expesive and losing popularity, Linux based smartphones are a niche and of little use to the common user. Years ago Javad GNSS was ahead of the competitors providing Android data collecting app and it becomes the trend. Android as operating system has many advantages and its disadvantages comes not from itself but rather from the adopted convention how these devices are built. Capacitive touch screens are pain when it rains, lack of physical keys is inconvenient in cold weather, lack of ruggedization or insufficient battery capacity in some cases may be considered as another issue but here user has option to choose. Anyway, I believe that Android devices are the most affordable and versatile devices now and JMT support them already.