Background Map File Size Limit?

Jim Frame

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Is there a I'm in the process of creating background maps for areas in which I often work, and am wondering if there's a practical working limit to the SQLite file size. Do files over a certain size bog down the application response?

Jim Frame

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When I tried to load the background maps I created, I followed the instructions in the document Getting Background Maps onto the Triumph-LS dated 03/10/15. This document may be out of date, as I was unable to load the maps. The instruction say to put the SQLite files on the LS SD card in \VS Data\BackgroundMaps, which I did:


However, when I tried to add the background to an existing project, I was only offered the following options:


When transferring files over a USB cable, I ran into the same "drive needs repair" messages I've encountered lately using thumb drives. I had to reboot the LS in order to get it to see the SQLite files I loaded when using the native Browsing Files function.


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Are you using Windows OS on the LS. The VS data folder is for Windows. You will need to create a background map folder if your using linux

I use background maps all the time. I put whole counties in 1 map, but Ky has 120 counties and some are too big. I had to do a north and south or a east and west section of those counties.

I'll look and see what the file sizes are that I have. They can be big and they are soo helpful.

I'm using a free software that has the aerial overlaid with contours. I absolutely love it. I had neen trying to do this for years with other brands and JAVAD finally came through.

I'll get back to you.
I'm using mobile atlas creator 2.0.1

I'll get back on file sizes.

So. You select new atlas. Right click and give it a name. Go to selections (i uss polygonal and make sure its rams sqlite format]
Click add selection and let it work.

Files go to atlases folder.

One of my aize files is 30 mb

They go in the sd card. I don't have my ls handy but Mathew Sibole knows where to put them. It changed when we went yo Linux.

Hope this helps.

I put mine in SD Card/jdata/BackgroundMaps/. I made it a favorite folder and when I select it from the favorites list it shows the path as media/sdcard/part1/jdata/BackgroundMaps/. The two paths seem to be the same place.

Jim Frame

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Shawn's link and John's post above hit the mark. I was able to copy the files over to a new folder BackgroundMaps and then they became available for selection.