Can't Connect iPhone 11 Pro Max to Triumph2


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I am having problems connecting my iPhone 11 Pro Max to our Triumph 2, but it will connect to my iPad Air. I have compared the settings on the two devices and they appear to be the same. The iPhone doesn't get an IP address for the router, but the iPad does. The iPhone is running IOS 14.3 and the iPad Air is running IOS 12.4.9. Is anyone else having this problem?

Yuri Noyanov

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Dear Matt,
please check that you are using latest firmware in your Triumph-2. WiFi on your Triumph-2 should be activated as Access Point. Please connect your iPhone to Triumph-2 WiFi. Please click in WiFi setting i icon near WiFi network name to see WiFi settings for the network. Please check ipv4-address section. Which address is assigned to your iPhone and which address for you Triumph-router? That address should be connected to.
please take the screen shot and attach there.

Matt Johnson

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See the screenshots below.



Photo Jan 20, 2 27 37 PM.png

Photo Jan 20, 2 27 48 PM.png

Photo Jan 20, 2 37 18 PM.png

Yuri Noyanov

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Yes, I tested with both 14 and 14.5 iOS. Everything works. The problem can be with the device itself or with a cell operator.
If you have access to your Triumph-2 from your computer, I recommend to use different connection variant - your iPhone will be access point and your Triumph-2 will connect to it with WiFi.
Please on your iPhone goto Settings and select Personal HotSpot
Then see your device WiFi name and password

Then connect your Triumph-2 to your computer with NetView&Modem, go to Settings | Networking | WLAN
And set - DHCP Client - on, DHCP Server - off, Access Point SSID - name of your iPhone WiFi, AP Mode - wpa, WPA Passphrase - your wifi password
Set Status Mode - on
Снимок экрана 2021-05-13 в 17.53.26.png

Click green check mark to apply. Receiver will restart.
You should see that connected is done with such icon on your iPhone -

And in the NetView&Modem you can see your receiver IP Address -
Снимок экрана 2021-05-13 в 17.58.19.png

Run JMT. Type the IP in IP address field. And it will connect to.

Port and Password can be check also with NetView in the Server page:
Снимок экрана 2021-05-13 в 18.11.56.png


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I am able to connect the Triumph 2 to IOS mobile tools but I cannot connect to the Alabama DOT CORS with a static IP network using the RCV correction using the phone data. I've tried several settings unsuccessfully. Does anyone have any recommendations? It's probably something simple that I'm overlooking.