Current recommended firmware??

Darren Clemons

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I was doing some cleaning out of files and clearing NVram out of my T1M this morning and hadn't updated or checked the firmware in a while.
There was, and I've installed, version 3.7.3p1 Jun 21, 2018
Is that, I'm sure, recommended to be the current used firmware version?
We have two more units and I want to be sure before I update them.
I updated to 3.7.3 a while back but every time I go to Stop and Download in the LS I get a message saying the "firmware is out of date, upgrade to 3.6.12 (?) or higher". I check for new firmware updates regularly but when I do it always says it is up to date. It only started doing this after I migrated to Linux OS.

Matthew D. Sibole

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I believe this is a bug in the Linux software. I see error messages when returning to the base as well. Although my error messages say that no external radio is connected to the receiver. It obviously is because I’m still receiving corrections.

Still some bugs to work out.
OK, I figured as much.

While I'm thinking of it, last week when using the T1M alone without the 35 watt external radio, I had 2 instances where I stopped receiving any data from the T1M. The radio strength screen in the upper right went red. In both cases, I was line of sight on open mostly flat ground, one about 500 feet away and 2nd time I was literally next to the base about 20 feet away. I had the wattage set to 1 watt. The first time when I was 500 feet away it finally started sending corrections after about 3 minutes, the second time I had to reboot the LS and it worked fine after that. I wonder if this is also a bug or something else?
Shawn is right.
A base radio follows a little sequence, based on law. The law is "it must accept interference, but not produce interference".
The way this works out, for a base radio, is it first listens, and if it finds radio silence, then it sends out your data packet. Then, it listens again, and finds activity, of any kind, on that channel, or frequency, and it DOES NOT SEND out your data. It sits like a robot, doing this all day.
I'm saying that this behavior is designed, and required by law.