deleting linework and points

I was thrown a bit of a curve ball in the field today.

I often import points on one page and linework on another page to use to help find points in the field. After I tightened up some calculations on my laptop I wanted to replace the previous sloppier points and lines. Normally I go to the page screen and the edit button and am able to select a button that says "delete all objects". Today I could not find those buttons. Points are not too difficult to overwrite but I'm not sure how to get rid of linework. I suppose I could just deselect those pages and import into other ones anew.

Did I change something? Did Javad change something?

Just wondering how I misfired on this today.



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I miss the delete all objects on page button too. It was removed a while back. You can isolate the vertices then You can go to the menu button and tap multiselect then tap select all and delete.
Thanks Adam.
Seems like the button was kind of handy and if it showed back up I'd be pleased. Not sure why it was removed. Were people pushing it by mistake and losing all their work?