Does Collect, and Stake use different software?

I'd like to go back and forth, between stake, and collect mode, and find the same observation going on. (I've already pressed start, in one or the other). But, then realize I wish I were in the other mode.
So, I have to go to the mode I started in, and stop it, go where I should have been, and start over.
Anyway, what happens if I try to start an observation, in both modes, at the same time?
(Multi-task Nate)
Would it be very hard to implement the ability to change stk to collect, or back again, after pressing start?
I have found it possible in stk to change to stk line, or change the target pt name or number.

Matt Johnson

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I don’t really see the need to switch back and forth between stake and survey during a single observation. There are a lot of higher priority items that still need to addressed.