ETA on Linux and Galileo

Nate The Surveyor

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I've been optimist, and supportive. All I've read indicates that all mfrs are trying. But, 1.) "tracking", and 2.) "utilizing" and 3.) "fully utilizing" are truly creatures of a differing flavor.
Number 1, and 2, above I am seeing. And, number 2 is on a sliding scale. Is it 5%, 25%, or 75% "used at full capacity".
I don't know. And, most users don't.
There is a lot of gray area, that is not clearly published. Some is not to be helped. The actual programmers, in charge of this may get a breakthrough in 2 weeks, and it mat be 6 mos. The gain to the user may be only a 5% gain, or a 15% gain.

James Suttles

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If the addition of Galileo will just help with the sluggishness after 2pm, It will be worth it. It seems like after 2pm that the Javad Struggles getting a solution in canopy more than during the AM hours. I guess its just sat position. Maybe the other constellations will pick up where GPS/Glonass is struggling.