Get out of the Box.... Go low!

Nate The Surveyor

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0520161428small.jpg What's happening here, is my son is watching me. And, that is a hole in the Right of way tree row, and brush, that I cut out with a chain saw. You can see the cut off ends of the cedar tree, on your right side of the hole.
It is not a very good place to RTK, for a corner set. In my old days, I would set markers, on the line, and eyeball down the line, to set the corners.
0520161429small.jpg This is a much closer view. Here, I have driven a 3/8" rebar in, and it is up about 8" and the LS is sitting on a Quick Release adapter, on top of that 3/8" rebar. I got 3 verified shots down low here. They were all within a tenth. I used this to set the W/C, on the R/W. This is actually on Salem AR job, that I posted elsewhere, recently. This is the corner, that is a WC to the NE corner of that survey.

I want to encourage others to "Get out of the box" and learn new tricks.

Mr Ashjaee I'm sure would approve!

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I like it Nate, I remember doing some traverses and I had to set the gun up about 2 feet high. Better view down there, there are times where you can see more by getting lower.