How do i reset base guard?


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You have to restart the base to reset base gaurd. You can turn of the warning by tapping the base gaurd white box until you go back to the base.

Nate The Surveyor

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I want a button to "reset base guard".
Otherwise, this requires a shut down, download, restart base. A 20 minute operation. I also loosened up the numbers on base some more, so I get less "false alarms". Otherwise, I'm deprived of base guard, if I simply "turn it off". That's what I wound up doing, on this job. Also, at the moment base guard is triggered, I'd like it to give a big red flash screen, that stays on, until dismissed. And, an audio alarm. When base is moved, it needs a screenshot as well, to indicate the TIME it Got moved. So, big red splash, and press ok, and you can still use it. But, return to base, and it's ok, then reset, and go back to work.

Nate The Surveyor

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OK, when I read your post, it looks like Base Guard HAPPENS in the BASE. If this is so, then it is reasonable to:
Return to BASE.
Connect to base, via Bluetooth.
(Where we can RTPK without stopping it)
And, press a button "RESET BASE GUARD"
That seems like a route to do it.